Whatever Happened to the Ten Commandments?

What in the world is going on? Is America a people and nation adrift? Have we unmoored ourselves from the moral foundation that once made us strong and great? In Whatever Happened to the 10 Commandments? Dr. Ron Jones answers these questions and more, while showing us the value of God's law in everyday life.

Where's Moses When We Need Him?

EXODUS 19-20

The Christian and God's Law

JOHN 1:17

One True God

EXODUS 20:1-3

The Right Way to Worship God

EXODUS 20:4-6

Honoring God's Name


Work and Leisure

EXODS 20:8-11

The Hebrew Home

EXODUS 20:12


The Right to Life

EXODU 20:13

The Joy of Marital Fidelity

EXODS 20:14

The Right to Own

EXODUS 20:15

Nothing But the Truth

EXODUS 20:16

Learning Contentment

EXODUS 20:17

“Every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

Romans 8:28 MSG