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Tap above to watch Ron's welcome and to learn about a joyful discovery made by King David and expressed by him in Psalm 139.

Fishers of One

In this message from Matthew 4:18-22, Dr. Ron Jones encourages us to focus on at least one meaningful conversation about the gospel with someone who needs Jesus. He asks, "Are we fishers of men or keepers of the acquarium?" This thought-provoking messages is from a series of messages Ron is currently delivering for his church family called "Who's Your One?" The entire 5-part series will be available soon in our online Store as an audio download or on CD.

Ask Dr. Ron

How can we balance grace and truth?

Why are spiritual disciplines important to practice?

Can you summarize the collective message of the Minor Prophets?


Current Broadcast Series

While imprisoned in Rome, the apostle Paul responds to news of false teachings about Jesus. In his letter to the Colossians, he travels deep into the substance of the Christian faith to demonstrate that Jesus is greater than what the false teachers present, and then applies the reality of Christ to everyday life in the home, work, and relationships.