You believe in Jesus. Now what?

Find out the answer to that question in Starting Point: A Disciple's First Steps. Dr. Ron Jones developed this primer to help you get started in your journey with Jesus and encourage your spiritual growth.

Starting Point is not just for new Christians; it's for any believer that wants to learn how to follow Jesus better. Best of all, it's free! No strings attached, just like the gospel you received. Your discipleship coaching sessions include:

  • Growing Up to Be Like Jesus
  • What Is the Gospel?
  • The Assurance of Your Salvation
  • Going Public With Your Faith
  • The Disciplines of a Disciple 1: Mind, Body, Heart, Soul
  • The Disciplines of a Disciple 2: Time, Money, Will, Relationships
  • The Holy Spirit in You

The coaching sessions are available on demand. Access them anytime and anywhere on your smart phone, tablet, or laptop. Even though Starting Point is written to complete in seven weeks, you can go at your own pace. Each session works the same way.

  1. Download and print the notes.
  2. Watch the video coaching session led by Dr. Ron Jones.
  3. Download and complete the study guide.
  4. Connect with a discipleship coach. We encourage you to meet with a more mature follower of Jesus to discuss what you are learning.

So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Register now by creating an account, and then get started.