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How do we love God with all of our mind? Tap on the screen above to hear Ron's answer from Scripture and his brief welcome.

The Farness of God

Does God seem far away from you? Is He incomprehensible, unapproachable, and unknowable? In this message, Ron explores what theologians refer to as the transcendent nature of God and why it matters. But no ivory-tower theology here. Ron finishes with three ways the farness of God applies to the lives we live in Jesus Christ every day. This message is a preview of Ron's series "What Is God Really Like," which airs on Something Good Radio in early 2019. 

Ask Dr. Ron

How can we have patience when going through a tough time?

How does fear compete with faith?

How can we find a new beginning with God?


Current Broadcast Series

God has always desired to dwell with His creation and have a relationship with humans who bear His image. The portable worship tent He instructed Moses to build in the wilderness illustrates this and also points us to Jesus Christ. Through a study of the sacred objects and activities of the Tabernacle recorded in Exodus, Ron Jones shows us how sinful human beings can enter into the holy presence of God and experience an Audience with the Almighty.