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The Power of Prayer and Prophecy

What does it take to have a strong prayer life? And what does prayer have to do with Bible prophecy? Well, prayer is perhaps our most powerful spiritual weapon, one that many believers in Christ don’t use often enough. In this message titled "The Power of Prayer and Prophecy," Ron gives us three keys to having a successful prayer life. This message is part of Ron's series from Daniel 7-12 called, "Mysteries of Babylon: How the Prophecies of Daniel Prepare Us for the Return of Jesus Christ."

Ask Dr. Ron

Why should Christians love and support Israel?

Why are spiritual disciplines important to practice?

How should we respond to the prophecies of Daniel?

What can Christians do to reverse the moral decline in our culture?


Current Broadcast Series

More than 2,500 years ago in ancient Babylon, God gifted a man to understand the future through dreams and visions so that he could foresee all the way to the end of the age. Daniel 7-12 contains the record of what he saw. In Mysteries of Babylon, Dr. Ron Jones unveils these Bible prophecies in a way that helps us understand the present world in which we live and prepares us for the return of Jesus Christ.