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The True Worshipper

We were created to worship God. But, what is true worship? Is worship limited to what we do for one-hour a week in a house of worship? Even then, how does the way we sing, pray, preach, give, and serve in the church help us worship God? In this message from Ron's series True Worship, he explores what the Bible means by worship and how worshipping God becomes an extension of everything we do in life at church, work, home, and play. True Worship airs daily April 13-24 on Something Good Radio. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek of Ron's brand new series.  

Ask Dr. Ron

How does God's glory shine through our weakness?

How did God rebuild Moses's confidence?

How can we discover our spiritual gifts?


Current Broadcast Series

SOS is the international Morse Code distress signal; it also stands for the Song of Solomon, God’s remedy for marriage misery and the place where Dr. Ron Jones unpacks the secrets of a satisfying marriage. There’s nothing new about the art of love, marriage, sex, and romance. An ancient text found in the Bible’s Old Testament contains the wisdom we need for a successful and satisfying marriage.