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"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations." Tap to hear Ron's welcome and what he says about the one thing Jesus told us to do.

The One Thing Jesus Told Us To Do

The one thing Jesus told us to do is "make disciples of all nations." In this message from Matthew 28:16-20, Ron reviews the mandate, mission, and methodology Jesus gave to His disciples known as the Great Commission. He also introduces a brand new discipleship coaching experience he developed called Starting Point: A Disciple's First Steps. Starting Point is an online tool to help make disciples of Jesus Christ who go and make disciples. 

Ask Dr. Ron

How did Solomon become so wise?

In what way has God made His grace clear to all humans?

What is the difference between positional and practical holiness?


Current Broadcast Series

Does anybody know what God looks like, let alone what He is really like? And why does it matter? The God of the Bible is more than the sum total of His revealed attributes, but the qualities of His character do represent the starting point in knowing God personally and worshipping Him authentically. While surveying the Holy Scriptures, Dr. Ron Jones shares a biblical composite sketch of what God is like and the difference His nature makes in our everyday life.