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Learn why Ron believes this Christmas might be the most meaningful in recent years. Yes, it has something to do with with a global pandemic.

This is Christmas

Imagine meeting someone who had never celebrated Christmas. They ask you, "What is Christmas?" Would you know how to answer them from the real Christmas story in the Bible? In a message titled "This is Christmas," Dr. Ron Jones visits Luke 2 and shows us how. Ron identifies eight chsartacteristics of the Christmas story that tells the compelling story of God's love as He sends us His Son and Savior. 

Ask Dr. Ron

What should the church be doing in light of all the chaos created by a global pandemic?

What is the difference between angels and humans?

How can we overcome anger?


Current Broadcast Series

Did you miss the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Something Good Radio with Dr. Ron Jones on November 12 and 19? We filmed a special broadcast at the Museum of the Bible in Washington DC to celebrate a milestone in the ministry. Watch Ron's timely and encouraging message called "Something Good During a Global Pandemic." It is NOW SHOWING ON DEMAND.