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"Search me, O God, and know my heart!" Tap on the screen above to hear Ron's welcome and brief thought from Psalm 139:24.

Divine Appointments

A divine appointment is a meeting with another person that is supernaturally and unmistakenly scheduled by God. In this video message from Acts chapter 8 and the ministry of Phillip, Ron shows us what it takes to recognize and respond to a divine appointment, and what it means to live our lives coram Deo, which is a Latin phrase that means “in the presence of God” or “before the face of God.” This video sermon is a preview of Ron's brand new series called A.D. Acts of the Apostles, which airs on Something Good Radio starting August 10, 2018. 

Ask Dr. Ron

How do parents impart biblical wisdom to their children?

What is a biblical response to the rationalization of sexual sin?

What do you say to someone who grows weary of sermons about money?


Current Broadcast Series

Does your financial life need divine help? Has mayhem seized your money? The Bible has much to say about the intersection of your faith and finances. God cares about your personal economy and has a plan for your financial freedom. Drawing from his knowledge of personal financial planning and the Bible, Dr. Ron Jones lays out a divine financial plan that really works in His Money, Your Faith.