Whenever God uses Something Good Radio to change a life by the power of Jesus Christ, our ministry partners helped make it happen. Joining the 828 Club means being a part of something larger than yourself. Together we can reach more people than any one of us can imagine doing alone. We have made it easy for you to join the 828 Club, starting at $28 per month (92 cents per day) or more.

Your prayers and monthly support give us confidence that we can meet our financial obligations with integrity and as good stewards of the Lord's ministry. Your generous giving also helps us offer our Bible teaching content site-wide for free, and let people worldwide know about Something Good. Join today and start enjoying the benefits of your partnership with Something Good.

828 Club benefits include:

  • Copy of Mysteries of the Afterlife: Exploring It's Amazing Secrets (216 pages) by Dr. Ron Jones
  • Monthly special offer (audio message) to download, chosen by Dr. Ron Jones especially for partners
  • Invitation to periodic virtual gatherings with Dr. Ron Jones
  • Early notification on all books and eBooks written by Dr. Ron Jones

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Some 828 Club partners choose to do more by joining the Community of Ambassadors and helping to multiply the ministry. We invite you to serve the Lord as a Something Good Ambassador. 

Community of Ambassadors

“Every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

Romans 8:28 MSG