We're excited to tell you that Dr. Ron Jones is releasing a new book called Footsteps of Jesus: A Devotional Guide for Christian Travelers in the Holy Land on November 15, 2019. But, there’s no way that one person like Ron can get the word out by himself. That’s why he's putting together a book launch team called ...


If you’d like to help Ron tell other people about Footsteps of Jesus, he’d love to have you join the team. Here are some of the exciting benefits you’ll receive:

  • Read a free copy of Ron's book before anyone else
  • Get exclusive access to ask Ron questions about the book
  • Feel great knowing that you’re helping Ron change the world
  • 828 Club basic membership for 6 months

However, we want to be up-front to tell you that work is involved if you join Ron's launch team. He's looking for people who have the time and desire to spread word of mouth on a frequent basis. Here are some of the activities that are required if you join the team:

  • Read Ron's book and tell him your favorite parts or quotes
  • Post a review about Ron's book on Amazon or Goodreads
  • Share information about Ron's book on your social media pages
  • Pre-order Ron's book or buy a copy for a friend

We don’t take your support lightly. If you join Ron's launch team, we’ll have a lot of fun while we get the word out together. Let Ron know you’d like to participate by filling out the information below. Once he receives your information, Ron will get back to you shortly with more details.


The worldwide launch of the Footsteps of Jesus happens on November 15, 2019. Please pray and then get ready to share the good news.

Get started by filling out the form below.

“Every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

Romans 8:28 MSG