Reading the Bible is an adventure … but if we’re honest with ourselves, it’s not always easy to follow. It comes with twists and turns, trips into ancient cultures, quirky characters, and detours that we don’t expect.

But when we have a map to guide us, we can stay the course and discover that a journey through the Bible leads to one final destination: Jesus.

The Quick Bible Roadmap, a free guide written by Dr. Ron Jones, is a tool to help you navigate and make sense of the Bible as you read it. Ron is a seasoned Bible teacher and pastor who breaks the Bible into eight key sections and explains the main themes, takeaways, and timelines of each segment of the journey.

The Quick Bible Roadmap will equip you to:

  • Quickly understand the genre, audience, and history of different sections of the Bible
  • Identify the core theme and purpose of each section
  • Get insight into the cultural context around the various books of the Bible
  • Learn about key biblical landmarks that will bring your trip through the Bible to life
  • Discover how the story all works together to point us to Jesus and a God who loves us

*BONUS: Includes reflection questions to help you uncover how each section of Scripture applies to your life’s journey today.

FREE Guide: Quick Bible Roadmap

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The Bible is the best-selling book of all time, but it can also be intimidating to read because it contains more than 600,000 words, divided into 66 distinct books, written by 40 authors, in three languages, over 1,600 years. But how does it all fit together? In The Ultimate Road Trip Through the Bible, Dr. Ron Jones takes readers on the biblical Route 66, pointing them to Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

If you enjoy the Quick Bible Roadmap, you’ll love The Ultimate Road Trip Through the Bible’s in-depth exploration of God's story, from creation to the end of the age.

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