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Jesus said, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks." Ron comments on how Luke 6:45 impacts our daily conversations.

Angels Watching Over Us

Are angels really watching over us? If you ask the apostle Peter, he would say yes. If you ask those in the early church who were praying for Peter while he was in prison, they would say yes. The Bible mentions angels more than 300 times. In this message from Acts chapter 12, Ron describes one of the most exciting prison breaks ever while also addressing our fascination with these heavenly beings. The message is from Ron's series A.D. Acts of the Apostles and is available here.

Ask Dr. Ron

What is the purpose of miracles?

How do angels affect our lives on earth?

What advice do you have about our music listening choices?


Current Broadcast Series

What happened after the resurrection of Jesus Christ? The book of Acts tells the amazing story of the early church, starting with a small and ordinary band of prayerful disciples that grew into a supernatural movement and shook the known world. In A.D. Acts of the Apostles, Dr. Ron Jones explores what started on the day of Pentecost two thousand years ago and how it continues today.