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Tap on the image above to watch Ron's welcome and a brief encouragement from Mary's Song of Christmas Praise in Luke 1:45-56.

Mary's Song

Mary's song of Christmas praise, also known as her Magnificat, is simultantously one of the most beautiful and suprising passages of Scripture in all the Bible. Mary was anything but a naive teenager. The mother of our Savior knew much more than we think she did, as Dr. Ron Jones brings out in this message from Luke 1:46-56. Enjoy this seasonal sermon from Ron's 2019 Christmas series called Arrival.

Ask Dr. Ron

How can God still love us when He knows us so intimately?

How do we share our faith in Jesus with those who resist Him?

What is the most important quality about being a disciple of Jesus?


Current Broadcast Series

Christmas is a season of giving. God so loved the world that He gave the best gift ever—His one and only Son named Jesus. Wise men brought gifts to the Christ Child and we, in turn, give gifts to one another. In The Gifts of Christmas, Ron Jones wraps our thoughts around God’s love, joy, peace, and hope.