The Old Testament book of Judges is a sober reminder that if you do not destroy the Canaanites, the Canaanites will eventually destroy you. 


Judges reflects upon the moral and theological lessons learned from the people and leaders who defined the times when “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” ((Judges 17:6, 21:25). Under the Holy Spirit’s direction, the author presents certain profiles in character and courage from Savior-like rulers who delivered divine justice, including well-known judges like Gideon, Deborah, and Samson. 


Moral compromise always leads to failure. The big takeaway from Judges is that we will never fully enjoy Promised Land abundance, victory, and rest if we tolerate what is evil in the eyes of God. 


Kenneth Stephens says:
Off the subject we were listening to a recent RT. 66 road trip and I think I heard that Elija was the only one who didn't taste death before going to heaven. I thought an earlier one was Enoch.

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Romans 8:28 MSG