Yahweh Remembers

By Dr. Ron Jones
Under normal circumstances, most of us have selective memory. Too often, we remember the things we should forget and forget the things we... read more

Latter Glory and Greater Things

By Dr. Ron Jones
Do you ever wonder what the future holds for you and your family? Do you get nostalgic about the past? Have you slouched into thinking the... read more

Misplaced Priorities

By Dr. Ron Jones
Ben Franklin said, “I never knew a man who was good at making excuses who was good at anything else.” That rings true enough for me and... read more

Wrath and Blessing

By Dr. Ron Jones
Wrath and blessing seem like two words that don’t belong in the same sentence. But are they two themes that can coexist in the same book... read more

Whatever Became of Sin?

By Dr. Ron Jones
Dr. Karl Menninger, a renowned psychiatrist, graduated from the Harvard Medical School with academic distinction, founded the Menninger... read more

First Corinthians: Body Life

By Dr. Ron Jones
The state of California is known for sunshine, surfing, and Beach Boys music, which made us “wish they all could be California girls.”... read more

Though the Fig Tree Does Not Bloom

By Dr. Ron Jones
A farmer plants a tree in the ground with the expectation of a future harvest. But when harvest time comes, the tree bears no fruit,... read more

From Doubt to a Deeper Faith

By Dr. Ron Jones
One of the largest terrorist organizations in the Middle East calls itself Hamas, a word from the Hebrew language that means... read more

The Whole Counsel of God

By Dr. Ron Jones
The wrath of God is one of those subjects that preachers frequently avoid. Understandably, most people would rather hear about God’s... read more

Mumbling for God

By Dr. Ron Jones
Try placing a handful of marbles in your mouth and then delivering an important speech. You would sound like a garbled mess. Respected... read more

Real Due Process

By Dr. Ron Jones
Let’s play Jeopardy! The category is Roman Mythology for $100. She wears a blindfold and holds a set of scales in one hand. If you... read more

Acts: You Shall Be My Witnesses

By Dr. Ron Jones
Wall Street investors often hunt for the next start-up company that might explode in growth and yield huge profits. In the tech world, for... read more
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“Every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

Romans 8:28 MSG