Your life matters to God more than you think. That's why He created you in his image. Imago Dei is a Latin term that means "image of God." It speaks of a worldview that is rooted in the biblical account of creation, and a life that is full of redemption, meaning, purpose and joy. Join me this Sunday at Immanuel for the start of a 10-week series of messages from the book of beginnings, Genesis 1-3.


tpinney says:
Ron, several years ago I did some extensive reading and studying about the scientific facts that we have. When I compared the facts to the Biblical creation story I became a firm believer in creation and that the earth is significantly younger than evolutionists believe. In addition, there are clear theological cracks in Christianity if you believe evolution. I am looking forward to your series. Tann Pinney
dnfowler says:
Ron, this is a great start to what looks like will be a great series. My 13 year old son is on the edge of his seat, too. I was looking at Gen 1:1, and there is a note I scribbled there years ago that says that the word used for God is plural. I checked some lay-references and found no translations using the plural form of God, and Strongs exhaustive concordance doesn't list it so. Regardless, is this true that it is plural and points to the trinity existing "in the beginning"? Dave Fowler
riggsme says:
Ron, Though you may not be the expert to tell me, your visit to the Creation Museum tells me you know someone who is. I believe there was no death of any kind before Adam rebelled, but what about the lives of insects? Would the garden not have filled up with so many insects it would have been stifiling? Thanks for the series, I so look forward to it! Mike Riggs
rgeel says:
Ron, WOW! Home run on this series. I have read the literature coming out of the Creation Research organization for years and it is all well researched and thought out information. The fact that you declare your bias from the start gives your words credibility. The comparisons between creation theory and evolution theory were very insightful and gives a strong basis for arguing for a God who created everything. Our educational institutions have made a decision to exclude one theory and teach the other as fact. I believe that this is wrong and we are seeing and will see detrimental effects of this decision for decades or more. I look forward to the rest of the series. Thanks, Rich Geel
Ron Bashian says:
Ron, as a physician who reads the scientific literature, and believes in the proper application of the scientific method - I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY with your conclusions. Science has been misused (paleontology hoaxes, outright fabrication of data), misunderstood (yes., the gene base has rich and environmentally responsive alleles, but NO de novo genetic improvement has been demonstrated. Ref "Genetic Entropy", J.C. Sanford). As to origins, the precision of critical physical and chemical parameters - wisely provided by a Sovereign God - makes much more sense than speculative "multiverses" - the alternative quantum explanation, which stretch the imagination to ridiculous lengths. Bravo - this is the modern Christian frontier.

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