Jesus once told a story about a rich and greedy fool. He did so reluctantly after finding Himself in the middle of a debate between two brothers who were arguing about their family inheritance.


A master storyteller, Jesus spun a quick yarn about a rich fool who selfishly hoarded his surplus, acted presumptuously and with a false sense of security, and was not “rich toward God.” Jesus said to the two brothers caught in the greedy snarl, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions” (Luke 12:13-21). 


A fool is someone who lacks the moral reason to make a wise decision. Greed makes fools of all of us. 


Paul says:
Not everyone is greedy some people are satisfied where not all taken in by greed.

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“Every detail in our lives of love for God is worked into something good.”

Romans 8:28 MSG