Syncretism is the attempt to reconcile contrary beliefs. In every generation, there are those who try to bring together the major religions of the world by suggesting they all pretty much say the same thing and lead to the same God. For example, have you seen the bumper sticker that reads COEXIST? The letters represent symbols of various world religions and philosophies.

The letter "C" is a half crescent moon representing Islam.

The letter "O" is made into the universal peace sign.

The letter "E" is adorned with the symbols for male and female. When used together, the symbols can refer to transgender lifestyles.

The letter "X" is made into the Star of David representing Judaism.

The letter "I" is dotted with a five-pointed star within a circle, commonly found in pagan worship and Wicca which bows to Satan.

The letter "S" is cleverly adapted to represent Tao and Neo-Confucian philosophies.

The letter "T" is obviously representative of the cross in Christianity.

Altogether, the bumper-sticker message is clear. All religions and philosophies are basically the same. Get along. Find the common ground. Coexist. The problem is the belief systems represented by the symbols are contrary. Can we really COEXIST? Not unless you want to sacrifice intellectual honesty.

As Christians, we move away from the biblical meaning of the cross and the orthodoxy of our faith when we engage in religious syncretism.

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