Something Good Cares is the global missionary outreach of Ron Jones Ministries. Our vision is to bring humanitarian relief, the gospel, and the compassion of Jesus Christ through strategic missionary partnerships. Below is a list of our current outreach projects to which we invite you to donate.

Rescuing Orphans

Something Good Cares about rescuing orphans from the evil world of sex trafficking. Our hearts broke when we learned about Natalie and hundreds of other orphan girls like her. We knew God wanted us to do something! Read More

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Caring for Refugees

Something Good Cares about the present refugee crisis in Lebanon with the goal of introducing displaced people and their families to Jesus one life at a time. Will you help us care for a refugee family? Read More

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Planting Churches

Something Good Cares about planting churches in the spiritually darkest places in the world. Lipok is a missionary church planter in India whom God translated from the kingdom of darkness to His glorious light. Read More

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Distributing Bibles

Something Good Cares about distributing Bibles in Muslim countries. In the Middle East, Christians risk imprisonment or life-threatening persecution each time they share the gospel with their Muslim neighbors. Read More

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Feeding the Homeless

Something Good Cares about hungry and homeless people in America. It’s hard to imagine that some people in America are hungry and homeless. There’s something not right about that. Not in the wealthiest nation on earth. Read More

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