Planting Churches

Something Good Cares about planting churches in the spiritually darkest places in the world. Lipok is a missionary church planter in India whom God translated from the kingdom of darkness to His glorious light.

For much of his life, Lipok lived in darkness. He did not know God’s love and grace, and he walked a path of crime, destruction and despair. He was a drug addict and an alcoholic, a lost soul full of rage and anger toward his family, his land, and his people. With no faith and no direction, he joined a group of armed revolutionaries and retreated further into darkness. But God rewrote his story of darkness.

One day Lipok met a true follower of Jesus who taught him about God’s love and forgiveness. The message of hope ignited the flame of God within his soul. He knew God’s church must be established for the rapid spread of the gospel in India.

His journey into church planting began by prayer-walking villages in search of a person of peace that would welcome him and help him spread God’s love to other people living in darkness. God instilled within Lipok a burning love for the lost of India.

By God’s grace, people began turning to Christ and a network of church planters grew. More believers were coming to faith as more and more churches were planted. Today, more than 5,500 churches spread across northeast India, reaching into places that before had never heard the name of Jesus Christ.

Lipok’s journey and others like him has not been easy. But even in the spiritually darkest places on earth, the light of God can be found.

By partnering with Something Good Radio, you do more than help us share the powerful teaching of God’s Word every day at this time. You also help us plant churches in some of the spiritually darkest places on earth through Something Good Cares, the global missionary outreach of Ron Jones Ministries.

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